FINSUM + Magnifi: Corporate Earnings Calls Say ESG Is the Talk of the Town

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July 22, 2021

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is the well-known splash in the investment world, but there is a new way to quantify it. The investment firm Pimco, which manages $2.2 trillion in assets, analyzed earnings call transcripts for every quarter since May 2005. They found that in 2018 only about 0-1% of calls mentioned ESG, by 2019 that number was at 5%, and in 2021 it climbed to 19%. The exponential growth in ESG is also in financing too, as sustainable investing assets grew by 42% since 2018. Pimco is using this info to invest in ESG firms, moving to overweight green, digital, and forestry and pulp products. They are also remaining cautious of fossil fuels. A combination of the Paris Accord and investors sentiment is fueling the boosted ESG demand.

(New York)

FINSUM + Magnifi: This level of corporate consciousness is good for ESG, it means it's more than just hollow investments, but something boards are moving towards to qualify for ESG funds and bonds.

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